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Victoria, B.C., CANADA V8M-1G9

Winston Churchill plays his last game at the age of 51 (House of Lords vs. House of Commons, 1925). Can you imagine politicians today so sporting? Note the strap Churchill used to keep his right arm stabilized. He had injured it years earlier causing permanent damage.

C'mon Justin, mount up. grab a mallet, and challenge Andrew and Jagmeet to settle things once and for all!

Notice! This is not the "official" website of the Victoria Polo Club. These pages represent solely the views and philosophy of myself, Dan Pedrick, and any comments should be directed to me personally. What is that philosophy? That the purpose of polo is to have fun! (If there are any other reasons for playing polo, please let me know what they are.)

Some of the links below lead to versions of articles I have written and published over the years, mainly in POLO Magazine (now known as Polo Player's Edition). I hope you enjoy reading them.

The Victoria Polo Club is always seeking bold riders with the inclination, ability, and means to play the King of Games (see "Play Polo and Join our Club").


On August 25th, 2013, The Rotary Club of Victoria celebrated 100 years of "service above self" by hosting The Rotary Centennial Cup, a polo match and high tea with 100 per cent of the proceeds benefitting The Mustard Seed Food Bank. I believe about $18k was raised. Would your charity organization like to try something like this ? Click this link for more information: The Rotary Centennial Cup

The 2003 Western Canada Championship Trophy winners (l. to r.) Tony Yonge, Arifin Graham, Murray Farmer, Ruth Peters, Laurie Bermingham, Rob Peters, Gordon Fox, Danny Melville.

The Lt. Governor's Cup trophy.

"I love that pony so much I drink her bathwater!"–Jeff Mero

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